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LeafGuard Seamless Gutters from LeafGuard of West Michigan

Why do 9 out of 10 homeowners choose LeafGuard Gutters? The answer is simple – Because LeafGuard is the patented one-piece seamless gutter system guaranteed never to clog.

LeafGuard Gutters are a patented, one-piece seamless gutter system designed to allow water to flow freely and keep debris such as leaves, needles and branches out.

See how LeafGuard Gutters work by watching the animation below.

How LeafGuard Works

See how the LeafGuard gutter system works.

We are so confident in our rain gutters that we offer a “No Clog Warranty” for as long as you own your home – If your gutters ever clog, we will clean them for FREE!

Why are Gutters Important?

Believe it or not, gutters are vital to the structural integrity of your home.

Gutters protect the home from water damage or leaking by properly diverting and channeling water to a safe drainage area. When water is left to flow freely, it tends to run off the eaves of your roof and to the ground, just inches away from the foundation of your home.

Over time, this continual flow of water erodes whatever is in its path, and can end up carving a path directly into your foundation (and in many cases, directly into your basement).

When gutters are clogged with leaves, pine needles, and other debris, they tend to mimic the behavior of a home without gutters – as in, they cannot drain properly, they overflow, and water ends up flowing freely.

Clog-free gutters from LeafGuard are guaranteed to provide years of reliable, maintenance-free service without a single clog.

If, for some reason, your LeafGuard gutters were to clog, we’ll be the ones climbing up the ladder to unclog them – completely free of charge.

How Do Traditional Gutters Fail?

Gutters tend to fail in three main ways:

  1. They are not strong enough to support the volume of water required
  2. They are not properly attached to the home
  3. They become clogged and can no longer collect or divert water

LeafGuard Gutters have been manufactured to address these methods of failure directly.

LeafGuard gutters are STRONG. LeafGuard gutters are made with a thicker aluminum with wider downspouts than traditional gutters, which makes them tough enough to handle the strongest of downpours.

LeafGuard of Western Michigan provides a high quality level of workmanship. We install to only the highest standards, so you’ll never have to worry about your gutters prematurely separating from your home.

LeafGuard gutters are the only guaranteed clog-free gutters on the market. Our unique design allows water in, and keeps debris out. If your LeafGuard gutters ever do clog, we’ll clear them out – free of charge.

How Can You Tell if Your Gutters are Failing?

Keeping up on the health of your gutters is vital to the long-term structural integrity of your home. If your gutters are failing, you’ll want to replace them before something serious occurs.

It’s generally quite simple for a professional to determine if your gutters require replacement, so if you’d like our honest, no-pressure opinion, please contact us for a free estimate.

If you’d like to see for yourself, step outside and take a look at your gutters and downspouts. If they are pulling away from the house in any area, are cracked, leaking, or rusted, it’s time to think about new gutters.

If particularly severe weather has come through your area recently, be sure to inspect your gutter system for any missing or loose parts, as most gutter systems can be quite fragile and can fail easily in severe weather.

More subtle signs of failing gutters include nail heads popping out near the mounting of the gutter to the roof, mold appearing, or consistent clogging in certain areas.

Don’t forget to look inside the home as well. Water damage inside the house is one of the most common side effects of failing gutters. As you likely know, water damage left unchecked can cause thousands of dollars of damage.

Again, if you have any questions as to the condition of your home’s gutters, please contact us.

How Can You Prevent Gutter Clogs?

Preventing gutter clogs is not a simple task – that’s why we decided to innovate and create our patented LeafGuard system.

When leaves, pine needles, and other debris end up in your gutters, they block water from flowing and become clogged. The only true way to prevent gutter clogs is to get out the ladder, climb up there, and clean the gutters out yourself.

Systems such as screens over the gutter regularly fail as well, as over time those become clogged and require cleaning.

The only true way to prevent gutter clogs is to install the LeafGuard patented one-piece seamless gutter system.

Install seamless clog-free Leafguard Gutters on your home and enjoy:

  • Never worry about  gutters clogging again – Guaranteed!
  • Maintenance free, durable, custom fit gutters
  • 20% thicker aluminum that will never rust or deteriorate
  • A low profile design that won’t interfere with roofing projects or warranties
  • Patented covered gutter system with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

As a certified Englert LeafGuard gutters dealer, we are proud to install the industry’s only gutter system to earn the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval for the West Michigan area.

Contact us for your free, no-pressure gutter estimate today!

LeafGuard Design Studio

To use the LeafGuard Design Studio, select the home style that most closely matches yours. Use the tabs to select gutter, trim, roof and siding colors. Then use the magnigying feature to “zoom in” to a particular area.

LeafGuard Photos

Wish you could skip the tedious chore of cleaning your gutters? With LeafGuard, we guarantee that if your gutter ever clogs, we’ll come out and clean them for free.

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