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About LeafGuard® of West Michigan

About LeafGuard® of West Michigan

LeafGuard® of West Michigan Installs LeafGuard® Seamless Gutters on Homes in Grand Rapids & Surrounding Areas in Michigan

There are many reasons you might be considering replacing your gutters. Some of those reasons are critical—like protecting your home’s frame and foundation from water damage—while others, like improving curb appeal, are still also important to consider. Are your gutters showing signs of old age, including cracks and rust? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that your gutters have been leaking or overflowing.

If so, it may be time for you to have LeafGuard® Brand Gutters installed on your home by the pros at LeafGuard® of West Michigan. Countless customers in the Grand Rapids area have turned to us to provide them with seamless gutters that look great and last for decades.

But what about the other aspects of gutters? Anyone who’s ever experienced leaky gutters can tell you that keeping them unclogged is vitally important, but the task of cleaning them is both annoying and dangerous. Climbing up and down a ladder multiple times a year to keep your gutters clog-free is one of the worst parts of owning a home. That’s where the LeafGuard® patented gutter protection system comes in.

What Is LeafGuard®?

LeafGuard® is a revolutionary way of thinking about gutter protection. It’s a simple design that has transformed gutter maintenance and improved the age-old engineering of home gutters to be more effective and require less maintenance.

Whereas other gutter guards simply block the top of gutters, the LeafGuard® system utilizes a clever design to carry leaves and other debris away from gutters. This prevents dams from occurring both inside gutters and on top of your gutters guards, a common problem in other gutter protection systems.

Unlike other gutter protection products, LeafGuard® is an a whole-gutter system that provides comprehensive protection against common sources of gutter clogs, including leaves, insects, pollen, and debris. Plus, it looks fantastic and is completely customized to fit your home.

LeafGuard® is so effective that it’s the only gutter protection system guaranteed to never clog, leak, or require cleaning. Say goodbye to climbing ladders and risking personal injury or worse and enjoy gutters that work without any maintenance from you.

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We Take Customer Service Seriously

As a part of the Lindus Construction/Midwest LeafGuard® family, which was founded in 1979 and has locations in seven states, we bring a level of experience that is virtually unmatched by other gutter companies. You can feel confident that your gutter installation is in the hands of highly trained and capable professionals. In fact, our dedication to excellence and integrity has earned us an outstanding A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It also means we’ve built a broad network of satisfied customers ready and willing to provide stellar referrals for our impeccable gutter installation service.

At LeafGuard® of West Michigan, we take customer service seriously. This is why we take our time when consulting with you to discuss exactly what you want from your new gutters. That way, we can craft a look that will perfectly complement your home’s aesthetics. During installation, our expert team of craftsmen will utilize proven techniques to create a perfect fit, ensuring the gutters remain secured to your home for decades to come. In fact, we stand behind our work with a lifetime workmanship guarantee.  Contact us for full warranty details.


Eddie Holzem

Our location is managed by Eddie Holzem who has substantial experience in the residential construction industry. Clients repeatedly praise him for his positive approach to each project and the superior customer service he and his team provide.


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Impeccable Craftsmanship

LeafGuard® gutters are available in a large assortment of colors that are custom-fit to your home and won’t interfere with your roofing warranty.

Strongest Gutter System on the Market

LeafGuard® Brand Gutters come with a ScratchGuard® paint finish which will never rust or deteriorate. This patented system is backed by the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

Imitation is the Finest Form of Flattery

LeafGuard® is the only true one-piece covered gutter system on the market today. Many will use the term “leaf guard”, but don’t be confused we are the real system you are looking for.