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Common Gutter Problems a New Gutter System Can Prevent

26 October 2020

Common Gutter Problems a New Gutter System Can Prevent

When you notice a leak, sagging, or constant backups in your old gutter system, you know it’s time for a replacement project. What you may not realize though, is that the gutter systems on the market today are designed to not just offer exceptional performance but also solve common gutter problems you’ve previously experienced. Consider the following common gutter problems and how a new gutter system helps prevent them:

  • Water damage to your property – Rain gutters protect your home from water damage in more ways than one. Faulty gutters can lead to cracks in your foundation, landscape erosion, and siding or roofing damage. Of course, a new, high-performing gutter system will first and foremost prevent these problems from occurring.
  • Leaking and sagging over time – Traditional gutter systems are made up of multiple sections that are pieced together. These pieces create numerous seams that are prone to leaking and sagging over time. Today, you have the option of choosing seamless gutters instead. As the name suggests, these gutters feature a seamless design and are actually manufactured onsite during the installation for a perfect, custom fit.
  • Clogging and debris buildup – Standard gutter systems easily fill up with leaves, pine needles, and other debris over time. If you’ve ever had to climb a ladder and clear out your gutters, you know this isn’t the most pleasant of tasks. LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are a one-piece gutter system that features built-in gutter protection. This system keeps out the muck for maintenance-free convenience.

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