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Gutter covers help prevent your gutters from clogging and keep your gutters operating at peak capacity. Read on to learn more about these incredibly useful products.

The Importance of Gutter Covers for Rockford Homeowners

Conventional gutters are constantly clogging, sagging, and cracking. The LeafGuard® Brand patented one-piece gutter system from LeafGuard® of West Michigan is the gutter solution you didn’t know you needed.

Why Gutter Covers Matter

New gutters might not be as exciting of an investment as, say, new kitchen countertops, but they’ll do plenty of good in the long run. Gutters play a huge role in the longevity of your home. Water overflow due to clogged gutters can lead to topsoil erosion around your house. This can encourage basement flooding and extensive water damage to your home’s foundation. It can also cause water damage to your roof, which is one of the costliest repairs your house could require.

Go Beyond Gutter Covers

Many Rockford homeowners choose to add aftermarket gutter covers to their home’s conventional gutter systems and call it a day. Standalone gutter covers don’t always fit correctly or work as well as they advertise. There’s a better solution: The LeafGuard® one-piece gutter system. Our gutter system integrates built-in gutter covers into a seamless gutter system to create the perfect gutter solution for your home. Don’t settle for a gutter system that looks hastily pieced together. Instead, opt for gutters that protect your home from lasting water damage due to clogged gutters (and looks great while doing it).

When you’re ready to upgrade your old gutters and mismatched gutter covers to a streamlined, better-designed, one-piece version, call LeafGuard® of West Michigan. We’ll happily set up a free consultation at your Rockford home.

Gutter Covers Rockford