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Home Improvement Projects for the August Visitor

10 August 2016

August is prime time for visiting family or hosting guests. Most of the time a quick house cleaning is all you need to do before your guests arrive. But what about when someone is visiting whom you feel might be a little more important than your average guest? Maybe you’re meeting your partner’s family for the first time, or hosting a friend you haven’t seen in ages, or possibly you’re putting up someone visiting on business from your company. Whatever the reason, you might feel some pressure to impress. Go beyond merely cleaning your home with one of these quick(ish) home projects.

1st Impression-Curb Appeal

Never underestimate curb appeal. It’s real, and it’s important. It is your first chance to impress. In addition to having maintenance-free LeafGuard®

Brand Gutters installed, you might want to consider these projects that are sure to amp up your curb appeal to impress any guest.

  1. Fix Your Front Steps

Nothing makes your house look run down more than some dingy or broken front steps. If your front steps are just plain dirty, rent, buy, or borrow a power washer and get to work!

  1. Cover Your HVAC Unit

Although having an HVAC unit in the summer is the BEST THING EVER, it is also an eyesore. No matter where it is, it’s pretty much is the worst to look at. Good news! There are tons of cute DIY cover-your-ugly-HVAC-unit projects out there.

Alright, so you’ve spruced up your house with one of the curb appeal projects, now what? You want to keep that “I’m impressed!” gravy train going. The foyer, three season porch, or living room will be the first room that your guest sees. Why not make that room as bold as possible? Choose a wall to make an accent wall and get creative.

  1. Fun Paint Color

Accent walls can be really simple to complete, and they make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your room. Try to go bold, fluorescent, or dark with your accent color. Typically, the accent wall will have other accents on it in addition to paint, so try to pick a fun color that goes with some of your decor. The biggest mistake you can make is being shy about your paint color. Be bold, be brave, be different with your color.

  1. Wallpaper

You know what’s even better than a funky accent color? WALLPAPER. Not only is wallpaper great because you don’t have to do all that annoying taping, but it is a design trend that is coming back. You’ll be ahead of the game if you nab some fab wallpaper.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Since it’s August, it’s probably fair to say that you’ll be spending time outside. If you want to impress your guest, try to gussy up your deck or patio.

  1. Power Wash Deck

If you already have a power washer to clean up your front steps, take it around back and hit the deck.

  1. Fresh Cushions or Pillows

Just like new couch pillows inside, new cushions or outdoor throw pillows transform your outdoor hangout into a true outdoor living space. This is one of the easiest projects you can do, and it has a pretty striking effect.