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How Often Should Gutters Be Replaced?

10 December 2019

As a homeowner, you likely question several aspects of your home regularly, with the intention of keeping it in tip-top shape. From windows and doors to your roof and siding, you likely think you’ve got everything covered by now. But what about your home’s rain gutters? As a small but important aspect of your home, gutters must not be forgotten. So the remaining question is: how often should gutters be replaced?

The truth is that there is no quick and easy answer to this question. This is because a number of individual factors can impact the longevity of your gutters. Perhaps the most important factor is the brand of gutters you had installed in the first place. Well-made gutters typically last longer than gutters made of flimsy or cheap material such as plastic.

The most important thing to do is to replace your gutters as soon as you notice signs of deterioration. Gutters that are corroding will not channel water away from your home as effectively, potentially leading to costly water damage. For this reason, you should also take immediate action if you notice water pooling around your home.

What to Do When You Need a Gutter Replacement

When you notice your gutters need to be replaced, contact LeafGuard® of West Michigan. We proudly install the industry’s leading gutter system, LeafGuard® Brand Gutters. This seamless gutter system is likely the last one your home will ever need thanks to its exceptional quality. For more information, contact us today.