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Is It Normal for Gutters to Overflow in Heavy Rain?

05 November 2020

Is It Normal for Gutters to Overflow in Heavy Rain?

Seeing gutters overflow when it’s raining heavily isn’t an uncommon site. However, if you notice that your home’s gutters aren’t able to properly handle rainfall, whether it’s a torrential downpour or even a modest afternoon shower, it could mean that there is an underlying issue causing this to happen and you should look into having it addressed as soon as possible.

Common Reasons that Cause Gutters to Overflow

Rain GuttersThe most common reason gutters overflow with any precipitation is due to clogs. Debris that falls off the roof’s edge and into the troughs can collect in the gutter and impede the flow of water through the system. Oftentimes debris gets caught at the seams of traditional sectional gutters and can create a blockage. Seamless gutter systems can alleviate this concern.

There are a few other common reasons house gutters overflow. They include:

  • Gutters not being positioned correctly – The pitch and tilt of your gutters make a difference. If the gutter is tilting away from your house, it could cause overflowing water, especially during heavy storms. The pitch of gutter heading toward a downspout—too steep, or a lack of pitch—can also cause water to overflow.
  • Gutters aren’t big enough to hold the water – Gutter trough size is an important aspect of the gutter system. Most residential gutters are fabricated with troughs at 5 or 6 inches wide, but they can be larger. Areas that experience a good amount of precipitation need wider troughs.
  • There are too few downspouts – If there aren’t enough downspouts, too much water can rush toward the same exit and cause an overflow.

Need New House Gutters? We Can Help

If your existing gutters are constantly overflowing, contact the gutter experts at LeafGuard of West Michigan. Our patented one-piece seamless gutter system will prevent many of the common reasons that cause gutters to overflow and help you properly channel rainfall and snowmelt away from your home’s foundation.