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New Backyard Fence Ideas

18 March 2016

Is your yard’s fence in desperate need of a makeover? There is a lot to consider when making an upgrade to your yard fence and you need to answer a lot of questions. What considerations should you make before you buy anything? What style should you go for? What materials will last the longest? Do your research on new backyard fences and you’ll most surely be happy with the end result. Check out these different fence types to think about installing this summer.

Wooden Privacy Fencing

Most homeowners opt for fencing to give a sense of privacy.  However, this doesn’t mean that a fence needs to be boring.  Before you get too far in the planning process, check with your local municipality to see if they dictate maximum height.  Achieve an austere look with a charming stain and hinged doors.  Feeling fancy?  Opt for a lattice top.

Go Rustic

Fencing bought from a lumber yard or contractor can all start to look the same after awhile. To stand apart from the rest, go for a unique rustic look reminiscent of a cabin in the woods. Use pieces of reclaimed wood in varying lengths and colors placed vertically for privacy but also for a touch of unpretentious whimsy. If you can find driftwood on the shores of Lake Michigan as an accent, that adds a whole new look.

Types of Fences

Now that you have a few ideas in mind, let’s take a look at the various types of fences. To put a modern spin on your property, why not try something out of the box like:

  • Horizontal fences
  • Accent walls
  • Living wall with succulents
  • Shadow box fences

There’s always the traditional look of the following:

  • Vertical fences
  • Garden gates
  • Split rail fences
  • Trellises
  • Picket fences

Vinyl is a good choice if you don’t want to do a lot of maintenance, as it doesn’t rot like wood does. Wood is perfect if you’re going for a more natural look when it comes to backyard fence ideas, while wrought iron is best for a decorative appearance if you’re not worried about privacy.