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Reasons to Install an Underground Downspout

06 October 2015

Proper water drainage in your yard is imperative when it comes to keeping flooding, erosion and standing water at bay. Sometimes no matter how much TLC you give your gutters, you may still need extra help in the form of underground downspouts.

Here are some reasons why you may need to have underground downspouts installed on your property:

Controlling Roof Runoff 

If the water is not being diverted far enough away from your house, whether due to the natural sloping of your yard or another matter entirely, you will need to extend the system with an underground downspout. If not, water may be allowed to pool at the foundation and cause leaks within the basement or crawlspace. Excess moisture can lead to mold and mildew, which can aggravate health problems like asthma and allergies. Black mold can also develop, which is a more severe form of mold leading to more serious health risks. Leaks can also lead to structural damage to the foundation.  A wise fix is to connect the downspouts to a series of buried drainpipes that transport water away from your house.

Prevent Clogging

Downspouts are also great for filtering leaves and debris from the roof before they can get into the ground. This can pull the debris far from the home so it doesn’t clog at the joints or within the gutters themselves. Another option is to hire a professional to tap into an existing underground drainage system if you have this already.

Avoid Erosin

When your gutter system is too short and doesn’t properly divert rainwater, rain runoff hits the ground right around your foundation and eats away at the soil. The situation is made worse if you have no gutter system at all, as the water slams into the ground with such force during a storm that any plants, vegetation, and flowers can get damaged. Protect the soil along your drip line to avoid erosion that can lead to foundation damage.

Do Away With Standing Water 

During a powerful rain storm, hundreds of gallons of water can be dumped off the roof onto the ground below. When downspouts aren’t sufficient, wet spots can form in the yard, along with pooling water. This attracts mosquitoes and other bugs that can be a nuisance and even a health threat. Termites love moisture and wood, and feed off this combination to eat away at your home and surrounding structures.

These are all great reasons to have underground downspouts installed around the perimeter of your home. Take a look at the elevation of the ground around your house. If it doesn’t slope properly, you may need these extensions.

Want to learn more about how underground downspouts can benefit your yard’s drainage system? Call us today!