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Six Reasons Why a Home without LeafGuard® Gutters is a Ticking Time Bomb

20 February 2018

When shopping for a house, potential homeowners frequently have strong opinions on the home’s layout, color scheme, and lot size.  However, one feature that’s often ignored until after installation is the home’s gutter system or lack thereof.  If you’re residing in a home that lacks gutters, here are just some of the problems that may ensue as a result.

Erosion: The primary function of gutters is to transport water away from your home so that it does not wreak havoc on your landscaping and foundation.  Without gutters, shrubs and mulch quickly take a beating and are easily washed away because all of the rain that comes in contact with the home’s roof lands directly on them.

Wet Basement: Without gutters in place to transport rainwater away from your home, your basement can become flooded.  While this might be an immediate issue, persistent rainwater attacking your foundation will eventually crack it and allow water to infiltrate. Even scarier is the mold and mildew that accompanies the thousands of dollars in damage a wet basement can cost.

Dry Rot: Frequent levels of rainwater coming in contact with wooden components, such as decks and window trim, can lead to dry rot.  This phenomenon causes the wood on the exterior of your home to rot and crumble.

Hazardous Conditions: Failure to safely filter water away from your home can result in icy driveways and persistent soaking each time you enter or exit your house during a rainstorm.

Paint Chipping: Painted areas of your home such as door trim, window boxes, and decking can quickly chip if gutters aren’t in place to divert water from continuously hitting them during rainstorms.

Dirty Siding: Heavy rains that come in direct contact with landscaping due to lack of gutters can cause mud and mulch to splatter, creating unsightly stains on your siding.