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Types of Damage Faulty Gutters Can Cause

26 October 2020

Types of Damage Faulty Gutters Can Cause

If you’ve ever noticed your gutters sagging, leaking, or otherwise not functioning properly, you may be wondering what type of damage this can cause and if a gutter replacement project is in order. Your gutters play an important role in channeling rainwater away from your home, and there are a variety of types of damage that faulty gutters can cause.

Foundation Cracking and Damage

During a heavy rainstorm, water can quickly pool around the base of your home if your gutters are faulty. This water can damage your foundation over time, causing it to crack. As the platform that your entire home is built on, it’s important to protect your foundation from this type of damage.

Roofing and Attic Damage

During the cold winter months, faulty gutters are prone to ice dams. These buildups of ice can further damage your gutters as well as the edge of your roofing system. This can also lead to leaks in the roof itself, which can result in mold and mildew in your attic.

Siding Damage and Deterioration

If your gutters are faulty, water that hits your roof still has to go somewhere. Most often, this means pouring down the sides of your home. Your siding is not designed for the constant water runoff that happens when your gutters fail to do their job. Your siding can deteriorate from this exposure, slowly becoming water-damaged over time.

Landscaping Damage and Erosion

A properly functioning seamless gutter system will safely channel water away from your home. Without this guided flow of water, your landscaping may also be at risk. Landscape erosion is a common issue when your gutters are faulty as well.

Fix Your Faulty Gutters

If you’ve noticed the gutters on your home are faulty, it’s important to not let the problems continue. Contact the experts at LeafGuard® of West Michigan to learn more about the seamless gutters and gutter guards we offer as part of our gutter replacement services.