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Why Do Some Houses Not Have Gutters?

05 November 2020

Why Do Some Houses Not Have Gutters?

There are a few common reasons some homes may not have a gutter system. A home might be old, constructed during a period when precipitation management was more of an afterthought in a home builder’s mind. The property might be located in an area that doesn’t experience a vast amount of precipitation, and, as a result, doesn’t really need gutters. A home could have recently been impacted by severe weather and the gutter system was damaged and removed and has yet to be replaced. Or, there might not be a state law requiring a gutter system be installed on a residential property.

House GuttersIn Michigan, there is no state law requiring gutters on residential properties. While state building codes do outline the need for positive drainage away from the foundation, there is no specific provision or law that explicitly requires gutters to be added to existing structures or included in new construction projects. So, it’s basically up to the homeowner whether or not to install a gutter system. However, with most new construction projects, builders recommend a gutter system because the advantages of having gutters far outweigh the potential pitfalls.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Gutters

If precipitation isn’t properly channeled away from a home’s foundation, many problems can occur. Consistent moisture buildup around a home’s edges could impact the foundation in various ways. Soil can erode and cause shifting underneath the foundation, leading to leveling issues. Prolonged moisture on concrete can also cause cracks in concrete, and water can penetrate those areas, leading to damage. Foundation issues can be costly to repair. On average, foundation repair costs range from $4,500 for most average repairs and in excess of $10,000 for major repairs, according to recent statistics from HomeAdvisor. Installing house gutters typically costs from between $3 and $25 per square foot, depending on gutter material selection.

Should Homes Have Gutters?

Simply put, yes, especially in Michigan, which experiences a fair amount of precipitation. An effective residential gutter system will channel rainfall and snowmelt away from the foundation and help protect the home against many of the common issues that can result when water pools around a home’s foundation.

Gutter Installation Specialist in Michigan

LeafGuard of West Michigan offers a unique one-piece gutter system that eliminates gutter clogs and is proven to properly channel precipitation away from a home’s foundation. Contact us today for a free quote on new house gutters and let one of our specialists explain the benefits of installing new gutters on your home.